Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] What do I need to run FB with Java?
Author Agustin Gonzalez
I just moved to netbeans from JBuilder. I have been able to successfully
build Java apps in both JBuilder and
netbeans using the JCA-JDBC driver, which I consider a much better option
than the interclient driver.
Also, I am using Castor (, another open source
project, as the persistence layer.

My goal is to do a JSP/Swing transactional system to serve the service
industry, starting with a specialized package
for the health industry. My plan is to use all open software in this (see, which is in spanish).
Right now I have been able to load 10 years of data of my customer into the
new data model, using the JCA-JDBC driver and
firebird! My customer is really happy with the results and so am I, having
avoided much more expensive software and having
helped a little David and friends along the way.

I am very happy that people like David Jencks et all have produced the
starting point to enable projects like mine.
So as I way to pay back a little, I am willing to help all of you that are
using JBuilder or netbeans to get up to speed
with the JCA-JDBC driver on top of firebird. (if you are using JBuilder, I
feel you will be much better off using netbeans
( Netbeans has very good CVS and ant integration,
besides having the right price ;).
I can do this off-line or of there is enough interest, I can also reply to
questions in this list.


At 11:30 PM 3/5/2002 -0500, you wrote:
>On 2002.03.05 17:52:13 -0500 Chris Wiegand wrote:
> > I'm writing a Java app, and I want to use FireBird in my app. However, I
> > can't quite figure out what I do and do not need to use it. I've got
> > FireBird server installed on my (windows) machine. I've got Java, and
> > netbeans (IDE). I downloaded a driver jar for "interbase"
> > (interbase.interclient.*), and it connects kinda... Is this the driver I
> > should be using? I thought interbase was the closed source version of the
> > server...
> >
> >
>You can use interclient, which requires a c++ component called interserver
>which can be a pain to get going: you need both pieces. There's a windows
>install package somewhere on the firebird site, I think on the download
>page. If you want to live slightly more dangerously we have written an
>all-java jca-jdbc driver with perhaps somewhat less jdbc support but more
>suited for running in an app server (that supports jca, such as jboss). It
>also has connection pooling built in for standalone use. At the moment you
>have to compile it yourself. Check out the client-java module and build
>with the ant build script (on windows use build.bat, in src/build). There
>are some examples of how to set it up in the tests.
>david jencks
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