Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] What do I need to run FB with Java?
Author David Jencks
On 2002.03.05 17:52:13 -0500 Chris Wiegand wrote:
> I'm writing a Java app, and I want to use FireBird in my app. However, I
> can't quite figure out what I do and do not need to use it. I've got
> FireBird server installed on my (windows) machine. I've got Java, and
> netbeans (IDE). I downloaded a driver jar for "interbase"
> (interbase.interclient.*), and it connects kinda... Is this the driver I
> should be using? I thought interbase was the closed source version of the
> server...

You can use interclient, which requires a c++ component called interserver
which can be a pain to get going: you need both pieces. There's a windows
install package somewhere on the firebird site, I think on the download
page. If you want to live slightly more dangerously we have written an
all-java jca-jdbc driver with perhaps somewhat less jdbc support but more
suited for running in an app server (that supports jca, such as jboss). It
also has connection pooling built in for standalone use. At the moment you
have to compile it yourself. Check out the client-java module and build
with the ant build script (on windows use build.bat, in src/build). There
are some examples of how to set it up in the tests.

david jencks