Subject Incompatible client/server protocols, RH 7.1, InterClient_201
Author jimwright_quick_cz

I've just installed/tested FirebirdCS- and
interclient_201_linux-xinetd.tar.gz from sourceforge and the
Communications Diagnostic applet gives me this:

***** SQLException *****
SQL State: ICJH2
Error Code: 6
Message: [interclient] Installed versions of InterClient and
InterServer use incompatible client/server protocol versions.
See API reference for exception

***** Installation problem detected! *****

I am quite certain that the client and server both came in
interclient_201_linux-xinetd.tar.gz because I downloaded this for
the first time in the last few days. I have also searched my whole
system for another interclient.jar

Also, I downloaded firebird in the last few days so I would be
surprised if this was any version compatibility problem. I have also
tried Netscape IBM SDK 1.3 and JRE 1.4 i.e.applet and direct VM use
of class.

I am testing on the database server and have tried specifying the
local host in at least 3 different ways. I have updated
/etc/services, installed stuff in /etc/xinet.d, and made the server
file executable (is this necessary).

Anyone got any ideas please.

Were it not for bug 524125 which I have raised on
I would be able to check the versions were the same. If I know that
someone has downloaded and installed the same two package (presumably
yes) then I can rule out another bug.


Jim Wright