Subject getObject and blob
Author Marczisovszky Daniel
Dear All,

I've been writing a persistence layer for JDBC. Actually I've
developed it with MySQL and PostgreSQL but now I have started to test
it with Firebird and with the new type 4 driver.

My problem is the following: According to this specification
the JDBC driver should return a byte[] object when a BLOB is read from
a ResultSet using getObject(). But in at line 125 the
code returns a Blob object instead of the byte[] object.

IMHO this:
Object getObject() throws SQLException {
return getBlob();

should be replaced with this:
Object getObject() throws SQLException {
return getBytes();

I've changed it for myself, it works well, but I'm not familiar with
the source code (two days are not too much), so I don't know if it
causes any side effect...

Best wishes,