Subject Attention users (Repost)
Author Sean Leyne
(I noted that the original mail message didn't make it to the news server,
so I am reposting directly via news)


I want to make you all aware of a potential outage of the news
server/mirror, which might occur as of this Friday.

Our current ISP notified us 10 days ago that they are terminating their
service/going out of business, effective Feb. 15th.

We have been trying to get an alternate provider, but scheduling installs
doesn't happen overnight. Currently, our new ISP install is scheduled for
Feb. 19th.

To make matters more interesting, on Feb. 5th we received a notice from
another group which has stated that they are negotiating to take over the
ISP customers and there should be no interuption of service (we use a 4Mb/s
wireless connection). At this point in time, however, we have not received a
guarantee that our service will not be interupted.

So, what does this mean?

At worst, the news server/access will be offline from Feb. 15 to 20th.

At best, the server/access will be unaffected.

Since, I will also lose my internet/mail access when news server becomes
unavailable, please accept my appologizes in advance for any inconvenience
you might experience.


P.S. To ensure that a similar situation doesn't develop in the future, we
are in the process of provisioning another news server which will be hosted
at a data centre (with a 45mb/s redundant connection). The new server,
unfortunately, will not be available for another 2-3 weeks.