Subject Re: Interclient and Localhost on Suse 7.3
Author paulwnichols
--- In IB-Java@y..., Herbert.Augustiny@s... wrote:
> What happens if you try to connect to the IP of your NIC instead of
> localhost
> Try telnet localhost 3060 and telnet IP-NIC 3060

Works fine and returs interserver..

> If interserver is running on those interfaces, you should see
> something about interserver or interclient written in the telnet

I do!!

> Are you starting interserver with inetd / tcpd ?
> Herbert

Yes, and all of the required info is in the config files.

I am baffled totally by this. It runs fine on our internal servers
(also running Suse 7.3), but on our hosted server, will not work at
all. I am totally lost!!