Subject Interclient and Localhost on Suse 7.3
Author paulwnichols
I do hope someone can help me, I am at my wits end!!

I am trying to use Interclient and JSPs/Servlets to connect to an
Interbase database on Suse Linux 7.3. There are no problems
connecting to the database using a remote client, or a servlet or JSP
that are running on another server and connecting through the exposed
IP which is supplied through my IP provider either via DNS or Router
or both.

But I cannot connect using localhost or, regardless of what
I try. I still get the same exceptions, a stack trace is listed below.

I have loopback to the enabled. I have tried ifconfig and route add default 0, which seem to work ok. I
have even modified the httpd.conf file to make ServerName localhost.
Still the connectivity problems remain.

I have ran the Servlets and JSPs on Windows using localhost with no
problems. I know that I am encountering a permissions problem or that
the database cannot be found appending localhost. Interclient's diag
tool, CommDiag does work when I connect through it, but not when
using Servlets and JSPs.

We are using Database and QueryDataSets with JB 5, rather than
straight Connection and ResultSets in jdbc, but that should not be a
problem. I do not think we are experiencing a classpath problem as
all of the needed jars are on the classpath and we are not getting
class not found errors. Can anyone help me here?

Again Server is Suse 7.3 Server using Apache/Tomcat. Interbase and
Interclient services are loaded (checked with ps-e ps-x).

Here is a portion of the stack trace dump:

Chained Exception :

Failed to establish a connection.
Connection refused
at interbase. interclient.RecvMessage.createSQLException
at interbase.interclient.RecvMessage.makeSQLException (Unknown Source)
at Interbase.interclient.RecvMessage.getEXCEPTIONS (Unknwon Source)
at interbase.interclient.remote_ATTACH_DATABASE(Unknown Source)
at interbase.interclient.Connnection.connect(Unknown Source)
at interbase.interclient.Connnection.<init>(Unknown Source)
at interbase.interclient.Driver.connect (Unknown Source)
at java.sql.DriverManager.getConnection(
at java.sql.DriverManager.getConnection(
at com.borland.dx.sql.dataset.Database.openConnection (Unknown Source)
at com.borland.dx.sql.dataset.Database.setAutoCommit(Unknown Source)
at com.borland.dx.sql.dataset.Database.start(Unknown Source)

Your assistance greatly appreciated. This is mission Critical!!