Subject Re: [IB-Java] Re: firebirdsql vs interclient speed
Hi Luca

I still believe that there is something wrong with your numbers:

8'578KB => 8.377 MB => 67.02 MBits

You are transmitting 67 MBits of data (would be even more if we include
protocol overheads)

So if we divide the amount of data by the tame it takes:

67 MBits / 0.6 s we get a network throughput of 111.7 MBits/s how is this
possible? as far as I know the driver is not doing any compression and
neither is ethernet doing any compression. Are you sure you are not making
some kind of asynchronous calls?

(67 MBits / 0.491s would be 136.5 MBits/s)

When I get time, I will hook up a network sniffer like nmap or ethereal and
have a look at the traffic between the client and the server. Right now, I
have to get my project running (unfortunately still with interclient).



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Hi Herbert

I've got a 100Mb lan, with Win2000 Pro.

Yes, firebirdsql is slower for queries, but I still think that 35 secs
is to much for interclient, even if you lan is not a 100Mbit.
I've just read one of your previous posts, when you said you're using
"Firebird 09 something". Try installing FirebirdRC2 and see what
happens: maybe the problem is the server, not the client :)

As for the inserts, I've checked them once again. You're right, 20ms
is utopia :) I don't know what I was looking at. I've tried an insert
(over the network) three times using firebirdsql, with following
results: 631 ms, 547 ms, 491 ms.


--- In IB-Java@y..., Herbert.Augustiny@s... wrote:
> Hi Luca
> The times I was talking about are from a select, I never finished a
> of a big file with firebirdsql.
> Your select speed is about 5 times slower with firebirdsql than with
> interclient and from what I see it seems to get worse if you have less
> bandwith + routers!!
> If the time of 20 ms for an 8.5MB file insert is true, you must have at
> least GBit Ethernet in your lan connection. If I calculate the wire
> throughput (without overhead) I get 350 MBits/sec ??
> What kind of network do you have?
> Herbert

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