Subject Maybe its time for the alpha release of the jca-jdbc driver
Author David Jencks
I spent a little time this weekend working on the all-java jca-jdbc
firebird driver and think it might be ok to release an alpha compiled

--Logging is now through log4j, configurable by class. If you don't want
to log anything, leave out the log4j-core.jar. If you do want logging, a
sample is provided in src/resources/, or more likely you
will want to configure your existing log4j setup.

--The testsuite now all passes when run against a server on the same

--testsuite now uses junitreport to produce a nice website of test results.
(target tests-report-html) Each test creates and drops its database to try
to avoid interference.

--deploys ok on jboss and catalina.


The build.bat (windows) file to run the build won't work. Could someone
who works in windows help out here using the as a model?

I haven't been able to get tests to work against a remote server. The
client appears to connect ok but won't create database files. Some help
on this would be appreciated. A sample command line for running tests
against a remote server is in the build.xml.


I'd appreciate those who are using this driver taking a few minutes to get
the latest version and run the testsuite to check for problems.
(especially, for windows users, after someone contributes a working

for unix-like systems
in client-java:

cvs update -d -P
cd src/build
./ clean
./ tests-report-html

point your browser to output/reports/html/index.html

If there are no reported problems in the next few days I'll write up some
short notes and put together a binary package.

I'll include:


support jars

jar with test classes(? won't really run without ant, junit, xalan...)

source jar

short feature list and instructions.

hmmm.... maybe just zipping up the cvs checkout and building it on the spot
would be simpler ;-)


david jencks