Subject Logger - Help on turning off Logger
Author John B. Moore
My applogies if this message shows up twice.. When attempting to post
the first one yahoo timed out serveral times, then it "appeared" to
post but checking serveral hours later I don't see the post..

I had previously used Interclient with Firebird, but was getting some
errors when using it with the DataExpress classes (Jbuilder7) Since I
had used JBird on the MacOSX without problems I thought I'd try it on
this project.. It solved my problem but created another..

The Logger from the driver reports EVERY single detail to the
console.. (19,000 lines) in a typical JUnit test on this project.. I
need to find a way to turn this off..

Additional information:

I use Log4j in the main project code. I removed the log4j properties
out of the firebirdsql.jar to remove the test.log error. I do nothing
different than I am aware of in my MacOSX project (with the exception
that I'm not using JUnit there at the momment) This may be the