Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Re: Performance bug located and solved
Author Rick Fincher
I'll put this in the FAQ, but let me see if I understand the issue

The default charset for JayBird is NONE, but if you don't specify a charset
with lc_type you will take a performance hit of 10% to 20% on INSERT.

Is that correct?

Or is the default ISO8859_1?

From Blas' message:
When you create a database you define the defaultCharset. The best
performance will be obtained if the database default character set is the
same as the Java defaultCharacterSet, of course this is only valid for a
server for which all the default character sets of the clients are the

To get the defaultCharacterSet of the JVM, Sun recomends as the only valid
method the one you can see in the
getDefaultJavaEncoding method in FBConnectionHelper class. They mention that
no other method can be used on all platforms.


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> Hello
> Because Roman Rokytskyy have reasonable doubts about this change, and
until more discussions on it, I have commented the code.
> The recomendation about the performance, are the same, but the driver
will not enforce any charset.
> Regards
> Blas Rodriguez Somoza