Subject Performance bug located and solved
Author Blas Rodriguez Somoza

Today I found a new noticiable perfomance problem that appears with inserts, and I think I solve it, I have commited into
the CVS.

The problem is that Jaybird, if the user don't set lc_type parameter, don't send any character type identification to the

In inserts of character data this means a performance penalty of about 10% and 20%.

Now the driver, if the user don't set lc_type, find which character set to notify to the server.

To find the character set the driver send to the Server:
- If the default java encoding has an equivalent encoding in firebird the driver send it.
- If the default java encoding has not an equivalente encoding in firebird use ISO8859_1.

NONE is bad for performance, used in the server is bad for selects, and used in the client bad for inserts.

Only if NONE is used in the two sides the performance will be good, but have another problems when moving data, tools that
need the encoding etc.

Now, for the performance to be the best, the character set of the database must be the equivalent of the Default java

For windows systems the charset of the database must be set to WIN1252.

Blas Rodriguez Somoza.