Subject Change in JayBird or new bug
Author William L. Thomson Jr.
I was using a CVS version of JayBird from a few weeks back, and I also
tried the current CVS version as of a couple hours ago. The only version
I could get my hands on that is some what current that does not have
this problem is JayBird Rc1a.

The current versions seem to have a problem with reading many binary
blobs in a result set. If I have a table that contains a binary blob
column, and I select several rows I am only able to retrieve the
bytes/blob from the first row of the result set. The rest seem to be
empty or something.

I am retrieve my blobs via

while( {
byte[] bytes = rs.getBytes("BLOB_COLUMN");

Hope that is not to vague, I can provide more detail, but I am not
really doing anything special.

Basically on the first loop I get the first row, on the rest of the
loops I get nothing. I have seen once case where consecutive calls
returned the same data from the first row. But 90%+ of the time it's the
later, and nothing is retrieved after the first row.

With the same code, and switching from CVS to Rc1a the problem goes

So I do not believe I am doing anything wrong?

Should I report this as an official bug, or is a simple code fix. Or is
there a change in the code base for performance, and I need to make a
call or something that I am not doing. Something that would not have
been needed with Rc1a or previous release?


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