Subject Re: Performance bug located and solved
Author jwcanada
I have a database which I set encode to NONE as it contains client
information from the web which I don't know what languages they are.

Therefore, I stored the contents as it is without encoding. It works
fine when I retrieve them using Delphi. That is the information
retrieved is same as clients submitted.

However, using JBird the retrieved contents altered with special
characters. By the way, I did not specify encodes.

Are there any way to keep the contents/characters as it is using java?



--- In Firebird-Java@y..., "Blas Rodriguez Somoza" <blas@p...> wrote:
> Hello Roman
> >
> > Can we have your code back with "NONE" as default encoding? This
> > would be the best solution in this case, I think.
> >
> The performance is the same with no parameter or with NONE, the
server set encoding to NONE if the client don't send a value.
> Lets try to solve that at the server side.
> Regards
> Blas Rodriguez Somoza.