Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Re: Performance bug located and solved
Author Blas Rodriguez Somoza

> > First at all, Interclient uses also a default charset not NONE
> > but ISO8859_1, this the reason why I do that.
> Maybe version 1.6 did. If you get InterClient 2.0 sources from CVS,
> you will see that "NONE" is the default character set. However, they
> do set it explicitely.

Could be I make some mistake but it is Interclient 2.0 which uses 8859_1 as default, I don't know 1.6.

Read code in in the following places.

private final static String defaultEncoding__ = CharacterEncodings._8859_1;

> Problem with "NONE" is, that if you have database with either default
> character set being "NONE", or column definition being "NONE" and you
> connect with the client with non-"NONE" client encoding, read access
> of "NONE"-fields will fail. Reason is that server is not able to
> translate "NONE" character set into non-"NONE" character set (for
> example "ISO8859_1"). Also, if you client encoding is "NONE" and you
> try to write into non-"NONE" column, request will fail for the same
> reason.

I have run the internal tests for the following character sets and there are not failures at all.

1.- Server WIN1252, Client not set
2.- Server WIN1252, Client ISO8859_1
3.- Server WIN1252, Client WIN1252
4.- Server NONE, Client WIN1252
5.- Server NONE, Client not set

Blas Rodriguez Somoza.