Subject Re: Another Issue with JBoss
Author sp64_asaon
Hello Nickolay,

I was surprised to read in your reply to Phil about the high
severity of the well-known "OBJECT IN USE" bug. We have databases of
the mentioned complexity of several hundreds of database objects. On
nearly every release of our application we have to make some changes
to the data schema and the problem arises very often. As a
workaround since almost three years we just close the connection
(the file gets closed) and we resubmit the last sql statement
through the newly opened connection. From your mail it seems not to
be enough and we are in risk to corrupt the databases. Should we
change our strategy?

BTW Our strategy doesn't work with JayBird, there seem to be a bug
See my mail "Problem on reconnection" on Nov 18, 2002:

Best regards,
Stephan Perktold