Subject Re: Re[2]: [Firebird-Java] Another Issue with JBoss
Author Phil Shrimpton
On Thursday 21 November 2002 13:04, you wrote:


> > Whilst I know of issues when changing/droping metadata, creating metadata
> > should not be a problem if commits are issued in the correct place.
> This is wrong for FB/IB (and should be wrong for all earlier versions).
> If you have procedures and/or triggers (system triggers enforcing
> constraints also cause the problems) bugs in their handling in IB6/FB1
> may prevent you doing this even if you have one connection and commit
> after each statement (or at whatever place).

Whilst I agree with you that there are issues with metadata updates on
'existing' databases, I have never seen problems creating even complex DBs
from scratch, in one go, from a single connection. I have several scripts
that create 500-600 tables + FK's, a few thousand SP's and Triggers, etc. and
as long as the commits are in the right place, they never cause any problems.

In this case, the 'object in use' error happens when JBoss is creating two
simple tables (with 2/3 fields each), and a FK between them.

What happens is

- Create Table A = Success
- Create Table B = Success
- Create FK = Error, Table B in use

I can recreate this error in a script, by not putting a COMMIT after the
creation of Table B. If I do put a COMMIT after the creation of Table B, it
always works.

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