Subject FBWrappingDataSource API?!
Author Cristiano Moreira Silva
Hi. I'm using the built-in connection pooling with
FBWrappingDataSource. I was serching the correct way
to use this DataSource implementation, I've found out
this message at the firebird-java list:

"On 2002.07.03 12:06:47 -0400 Rick Fincher wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm trying to get built in connection pooling
running. Let me see if I
> have the concept straight:
> 1. Use FBWrapping DataSource instead of FBDriver and
the driver manager.
> 2. After instantiating FBWrappingDataSource set
pooling to true.
> 3. Use calls to the FBWrappingDataSource to get and
close connections.
> Is this correct?
Yes. I think you need to set the size of the pool

But it doen't happen. With a servlet, I first get a
connection, do a simple select a retrieve data with a
resultset (after this I close this set), and close the
connection. I open the database server properties box
and see that it's 5 connections active! If I continue
my application, the occur pool overflow.

Well, where can I find a FBWrappingDataSource api, or
documentation? Do you know how can I manage correctly
the firebird built-in pool? Thanks.

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