Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] JBoss CVS dependency
Author David Beutel
Those problems were hypothetical, e.g., a year after a
release someone wants to branch it (to patch it), but
the JBoss head has changed, so that release cannot be
reproduced. I think that software with a
deterministic build process is easier to maintain. By
deterministic, I mean that the same version of the
source produces the same results, regardless of when
or who builds it.

Checking out JBoss with a tag or date would avoid this
hypothetical problem, but not my actual problems that
the server was down and that my company's firewall
doesn't allow CVS anyway. I had to checkout
client-java from home, and when I went to build it at
the office I was surprised to find it trying to
checkout JBoss. Luckily the JBoss site provides HTTP
access to CVS snapshots, so I got the source into
place manually.

I'm not familiar with JBoss, what's in that
mini-j2ee.jar, nor the build process for client-java,
so I'll refrain from modifying it until I know it
better. Does the mini-j2ee.jar represent a particular
version of a part of the J2EE spec? JCA? Does the
build process follow some convention? Why is there a
directory tree with no files in src/org, while the
same tree is full of files in src/main/org? (src/main
and src/test are combined into src/org?)


--- David Jencks <davidjencks@...>
> Did you actualy experience such problems or are
> these hypothetical, or
> based on the sourceforge maintenance yesterday?
> since both firebird and
> jboss are hosted on sourceforge I don't really think
> availability is a
> problem.
> I also don't think the alleged instability problems
> are very likely, since
> these are all interfaces and a few classes that are
> completely specified by
> the relevant specs. The only reason for using them
> is that the sun
> versions have restrictions on redistribution.
> I think it would be a good idea to check out jboss
> sources as of a
> date/time, and keep track of what that is. I
> haven't had time to construct
> such a system. Interested?
> thanks
> david jencks
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> > Thanks,
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