Subject Interserver Won't Start on Windows 2000
Author Jack Frosch
I'm running Firebird 1.0 + Interclient 2.01 on several machines, but
when installing it on another, Interserver won't start as a serverice
or standalone app. I just get the generic Error 1067 code from
Windows 2000 when attempting to start the service.

I checked and found the Services file hadn't been updated with the
TCP/3060 entry, but even after adding the line, the

While looking for difference, I did find that the machine with the
problem has Windows 2000 SP3 whereas another machine without the
problem has SP2. However, I have received reports from others that
this problem may exist on Win98/Me as well.

Can someone point me tin the right direction for what can cause this
error? Are there some log files somewhare where the actual error is
reported. (When starting from a console windows, interserver just
returns to the command prompt with no error messages, but it's not

If I can't get this running, is the new Type 4 driver stable enough to
do basic queries, inserts, updates, and deletes?