Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] What open issues do you have?
Author Nickolay Samofatov
Hello Roman,

Could you implement customizable user-defined TPB mapping ? Almost nobody
of our client base are statisfied by current mapping and we have to distribute
patched driver. Firebird-specific public interface to set TPB mapping
or ability to pass mapping through connection parameters would be enough.
I can implement it myself but will you accept my patch ?

The most popular mapping among our clients (there are ~15 distinct
development groups at installation sites working with Jaybird driver) is:
SERIALIZABLE - isc_tpb_concurrency
READ COMMITED - isc_tpb_read_commited+isc_tpb_rec_version+isc_tpb_nowait
(external utilities developers)
or isc_tpb_read_commited+isc_tpb_no_rec_version+isc_tpb_wait
(application server components developers)

Nobody uses REPEATABLE_READ because Oracle compatibility is a
concern for us and it doesn't support it (the same thing as with
Firebird that doesn't support it too - it has no mode where phantom
rows are present but repeatable read is possible).

Best regards,
Nickolay mailto:skidder@...