Subject Re: Firebirdsql and Tomcat Connection pooling, how t o use it?
Author patcom123
--- In IB-Java@y..., "Goedhart, Andrew" <Andrewg@s...> wrote:
> I have been down this painfull road already. Trying to understand
> connection process looking at the firebird code is a nightmare. It
> however for windows no username / password is required on
establishing the
> connection to the server only on opening the database.

Thanks for the info, i'm going to have to spend alot of time before i
fully understand the driver implementation:( While looking at the
debug stuff, it still seems to use my windows username while opening
a db?

> <attribute name="PrincipalMappingProperties">UserName=SYSDBA
> password=masterkey</attribute>

This is interesting, you have SYSDBA in uppercase.. I wonder if that
makes a difference? I haven't checked if the older connection methods
do case conversion... I'm using Tomcat not Jboss, but i'm
hoping/assuming a similar connection is occuring?