Subject Re: Firebirdsql and Jboss Connection pooling, how to use it?
Author patcom123
--- In IB-Java@y..., "patcom123" <lister-filter@p...> wrote:
> > I've managed to get tomcat to start and get a connection from the
> > resource, but if i try and use the connection (executeQuery) i
> a
> > ResourceException (Unable to start local transaction - from
> memory).
> > Any clues?
> Having read through previous mails it seems that the url is
> wrong - i'll check this later...

Just been playing with the code last night and it seems to be an
authentication problem (invalid username/password, see db
administrator). I am running under windows (me). However, if i run my
old jdbc 1 style code and create a connection, it works fine. One
thing i noted (although i am probably wrong) is that connect in
GDS_Impl, doesn't seem to use the supplied user information?

Apologies, i have left the full error/debugging text at home, but can
bring it in if needed. I might get to play with it again tonight.