Subject CommDiag for Interserver does not connect
Author Don Gollahon
I can't connect using Interserver's communication diagnostics. Here's the
error I get:

InterClient Release: 2.0.1 Test Build, Client/Server
InterClient compatible JRE versions: 1.3
InterClient compatible IB versions: 5, 6
InterClient driver name: interbase.interclient.Driver
InterClient JDBC protocol: jdbc:interbase:
InterClient JDBC protocol version: 20001
InterClient expiration date: no expiration date

Testing database URL jdbc:interbase://localhost/c:/ib_data/testdata.gdb.

***** SQLException *****
SQL State: ICJH1
Error Code: 6
Message: [interclient] Your security manager does not allow socket
connections to localhost on interserver port.
The message of the SecurityException is "cannot access "localhost"".
See API reference for exception

***** Installation problem detected! *****

Any ideas?


Don Gollahon