Subject something dumb involving remote connection
Author William Surowiec

I must be doing something awfully dumb, but for the life of me I cannot
figure it out. maybe someone can help.

I am testing an application using Firebird RC2 and the type 4, all Java
driver (I got a cvs update about 2 days ago). I run fine on my
development machine where both the development tools and the database
(and engine) reside. I change the url to a remote machine and I get
either of two messages:

1) connection rejected by remote interface (this is when my local
firebird engine is running but the url points to another machine)

2) unable to complete network request to host (when I've shut my local
firebird engine down)

I've tried many variations on the url (some involving sacrificial
virgins) - all to no avail. Here is what I believe the correct url
should be:


The part with the network address is my testing remote machine, I use
localhost to get to my development machine.

While I am experiencing these problems I can connect to the remote
database using IBConsole or ib_isql and look at the tables fine.

One last part, I develop on a win98 machine, test against another win98
machine, but have tried a production machine running nt4. In all cases,
I can see the database using other tools but not with my app.

Any thoughts appreciated.