Subject Re: [IB-Java] Time for an alpha for the all java jca-jdbc driver?
Author William Surowiec

A follow-up on my last msg.

I receive "sqldata null in writeSQLDatum" msg when one of the prepared
parameters does not receive a value (my intent is to force the
corresponding field in the database to null).

Two more observations (not suggesting something is wrong, nor requesting
a change in behavior):

1) I was setting one parameter within my prepared statements to s sqlInt
when in fact the column was a double. I received a sql error message
during execution. This used to pass through the InterClient driver
without any error msg (value automatically converted to a double)

2) In rebuilding the database I took a different path. Don't know if
this message is unique to this driver: I started a transaction, tried to
do something, could not, tried to exit the program - I could not end it
because the driver held an open transaction. I had to stop the db engine
to reset stuff. A good reminder to check transaction state before
exiting the app.