Subject Can't use JDBC with Firebird RC2
Author Ken Freeman
Env: Windows 2K, Firebird RC2, Interclient 2.01. I had removed all traces (I think) of Interbase before installing Firebird. When I try to use JDBC, I get the following error:
interbase.interclient.CommunicationException: [interclient] Communication error: A socket exception occurred while trying to establish a socket connection to server localhost.
The message of the SocketException is "Connection refused: connect".
See API reference for exception interbase.interclient.CommunicationException
 at interbase.interclient.JDBCNet.establishSocketStreams(
 at interbase.interclient.JDBCNet.<init>(
 at interbase.interclient.Connection.connect(
 at interbase.interclient.Connection.<init>(
 at interbase.interclient.DataSource.getConnection(
I'm pretty sure that the problem is because nothing is listening to port 3060. I'm running a utility to check for port listeners, and it reports the same exception for localhost/3060. It does find a listener on port 3050, but JDBC can't talk to that.
Here's the lines I added to my SERVICES file:
gds_db   3050/tcp             # do I need this?
interserver      3060/tcp                   # InterBase InterServer
I tried stopping and restarting the Interbase Server service, and rebooting.
One more thing: I noticed that the service runs ibserver.exe. There are no interserver.exe or gds_db.exe processes.
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