Subject InterBase + WebLogic
Author Somogyi Bal√°zs
Hi all,

does anyone have experiences with InterBase in J2EE environment?

I just started to use the distribution with WebLogic
6.0 SP 2, and I have some problems. The application server continuously
serves about 30 requests per second, most of them includes database access,
including BMP and CMP entity beans, some periodic long-lived stored
procedure executions and short queries. Though, the max. concurrent
connections to InterBase is around 7-8. (WebLogic console monitor tells me

My problem is that the database become very often corrupt, together with
that the interbase.exe process starts to consume 90% of processor time and
everything stalls without throwing any exception. IBConsole neither can
connect to the local server. Another time, one of the several
interserver.exe processes starts to consume up to 150MB of memory.

Briefly, it is working really unstable currently.

Do I make some configuration/tuning mistake? Do I misuse something? I don't
believe that this is such a high load that InterBase couldn't handle.

Any idea are welcome!

Thanks in advance your help,