Subject Re: How is it with Type 4 JDBC?
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> Hi !
> We use a Novell server as webserve and like to make JSP's that get
> portions of data from Interbase Open edition. In order to get this
> work I need a Type 4 JDBC, and like to know if someone currently is
> working on it or if it already is done and if so point me to where
> can learn more about the current status.
> -Kurt

Hello Kurt,

As I see this group is quiet for now let me answer your question with
the little I know.

The crew is working on a type 4+ currently, if you look back through
the messages in this group you'll read all about it.

Also you may browse the cvs repository, the client-java directory
is where you'll see the work in progress.

I'm really looking forward to this work and I would like to thank all
the members participating in this effort, especially Alejandro
Alberola, David Jencks, Roman Rokytskyy who have being quite
dedicated to bringing us something soon. Actually it's pretty much

Good luck.