Subject Re: [IB-Java] Suggested Program of Work
Author Ian Newby
Hi All,

Sounds good to me. I personally would like to avoid the Interserver code
completely and go all out for a type 4 JDBC driver.

My Java is much better than my C++ so it is likely that I will be able to
contribute to this project in some way.

Your suggested breakdown of the project sounds like a good start, and I would
agree that fbMetaData should be implemented against the fbjdbc package rather
than the fb3050. This approach also has the advantage/disadvantage? that if
Firebird and Interbase diverge in the future an alternative ib3050 package
could be produced and both firebird and interbase could be serviced from the
same code base.

What version of JDBC should we target? 3.0 is in final draft now. Does anyone
have any idea if we can support 3.0 or should we target lower level first to
get something out and move up from there? I've downloaded the 3.0 API and it
looks nice and complex! I thought JDBC was supposed to be a simple, clean
method for accessing databases!

Ian Newby.