Subject Re: [IB-Java] JDBC Development
Author Jim Starkey
At 08:44 AM 4/24/01 -0400, Kelly Harrison wrote:
> I have to say that I'm thrilled that interest is picking up in this group
> and on getting an up-to-date JDBC driver for Interbase/Firebird.
> Having said that, I'd like to help - or at least to follow the
> In order to do that,
> I'm fairly
> experienced w/ their use and Java in general, but have no knowledge of how
> Is there any documentation online?
> Of course most of Sun's stuff is on use, not implementation, but there's
> Any recommended books?

Unlike its cousin ODBC, JDBC is magic free. JDBC specifies a
small set of Java interfaces (Connection, Statement, PreparedStatement,
ResultSet, DatabaseMetaData, and ResultSetMetaData). A driver is
nothing more than a set of Java classes that implement those interfaces
against a particular data source. All open and above board. No
mirrors or intermediaries. Just hat, rabbit.

Jim Starkey