Subject RE: [IB-Java] New JDBC Driver
Author Ken Richard
If that is the case, then we can have a nifty little project that builds
into C++ API, ODBC, JDBC.

I am going to continue poking around with my little
Java->Jni->MyC++Lib->IscDbc->GDS->Interbase. I would rather work on
something that can be put together from existing code than writing a
protocol driver from scratch. The driver will be released under whatever
license Jim wants since I am going to directly resuse much of his IscDbc
code. Anyone wanting to reuse my jsbc code is free to do so, but the
license is not compatable with GPL. The IscDbc code now has a banner that
references the IPL and It could be easily changed to JPL. :)

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From: Jim Starkey [mailto:jas@...]
Sent: Friday, April 20, 2001 10:14 AM
Subject: RE: [IB-Java] New JDBC Driver

At 04:38 PM 4/19/01 -0400, Ken Richard wrote:
> If the author of the c++ api gives permission, I can zip everything up and
> put it somewhere.

Ken, if you want to use the meta-data translation code you might
as well ask me to release the whole thing.

OK, I'm releasing the full ODBC driver under the JPL -- Jim's Public
License. Lieutenant Harrision, make it so.

Jim Starkey