Subject Re: [IB-Java] Re: Dying connections with interclient
Author Jim Starkey
At 10:01 PM 4/17/01 +0200, Ola Samuelson wrote:
> I guess you're right but I don't think I am qualified
> to debug interserver. It'll take me quite some time
> digging into the code.
> Are there any volunteers out there who knows more
> about the actual code?

Only three things are required:

1. Built system (necessary to get symbols)
2. Debugger
3. Motivation

The third is the hard part. But if you really need a solution
and Mark is in the wrong time zone, it's the only way to fly.

I semi-successfully built interserver in MSVC++ (fix a couple
of casts, add ARCH_32 to defined macros, and let rip). The
resources got trashed in the process, but they're superfluous
to debugging. Once built, I ran it from a command shell to
leave MSVC++ available to attach to the "forked" process.

You don't really need to know anything about the code to step
through it. In fact, I would argue that the best way to learn
the code is to step through it. In my case it only took a few
head shaped dents in the wall before I found the CreateProcess
that didn't report failure. Your milage may be less.

Don't be imtimidated by C++; consider it Java with a lot of
useless crap. When you see a -> think dot and you'll do fine.
Just don't assume that his coding and naming conventions have
anything to do with anything...

Good luck, Mr. Phelps. If you got hopeless lost in the
debugger, this message will automatically self-destruct.

Jim Starkey