Subject Re: [IB-Java] Re: Dying connections with interclient
Author Ola Samuelson
David Trudgett wrote:I would have said that Interserver needs to run on the
same machine as

> InterBase, and that InterBase needs to be SuperServer, and not classic.

Why these "needs"?
What's the use of interserver if interbase has to be on the same machine?
I can not see that we have ANY use of interbase at all if
we have to run the database on same machine as interserver/interclient.

SS is "only" how processes/cache are handled within interbase and
i don't think is has anything to do with where you can place the
client/database. It is possible though, that SS versions has other
code that solves problems when communicating with interserver
but that has nothing to do with the SS concept. Does it?

These "needs" makes true distributed computing with multi tiered database
access impossible. No?