Subject Re: [IB-Java] Re: Dying connections with interclient
Author Helen Borrie
At 06:51 PM 16-04-01 +0200, you wrote:
>No, I was not aware that that could be the case.
>I am running IB 6.01CS on a remote server and the IC-setup on another.
>Both are SMP so:
>a) Is it possible that these "SMP-problems" could affect "incoming" requests(on the remote db server) or are the smp problems
>related to data handling/storing/queries ..? ie are the problems related to communications, data handling or both?

Relying on JS to step in and clarify...but, as I understand, the superserver version doesn't scale well and you get a "see-saw" effect as bunches of threads get swapped back and forth between the CPUs. If InterServer isn't threaded, then my shot in the dark could very well be astray. The problem is with SS on any platform and it doesn't exist with Classic, AFAIK.

>b) Does "IB problems on SMP" mean that Interclient/Interserver on a machine not running the database itself
>could be affected?

I haven't heard that the problem affects clients and don't know why it would. I don't understand what you mean by "InterServer on a machine not running the database itself". Are you saying that you are running the server on one machine and physically storing the database on another? Pardon my ignorance about InterServer - so far I've assumed it's a Java version of IBServer that would be subject to the same physical restrictions but I could be way off mark on that.

>c) How do I set the affinity?

There's a freeware utility for Windows, written by (I think) Martijn Tonies.

>Another thing related to networking .......... has anyone found that ib has problems communicating
>with clients because of a faulty/badly designed/poor quality switch(as opposed to a dumb hub)?

YES. The etiology is ..well... very similar to what you described but the dropouts in this case were random and affected active and idle connections indiscriminately. Hope that it is configuration problem because identifying and eliminating faults in the network is hell, especially if you bought a bad batch of something, where some might be OK and some might be bad.


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