Subject Re: [IB-Java] Digest Number 74
Author Peter Harrison
> Since Borland changed their website, I cannot find InterClient 1.6
> and 2.0. Does anyone know where it is located?

From the Interbase site, Borland appear to be doing their own private copy
of Interclient that they are not releasing as Open Source.

Direct quote from Borlands Interbase Pages - "InterClient™ 2.0, IBX™ and IB
Console™ are still there and better then ever.", refering to their release
of the Interbase Server release.

What this may mean is that they might take whatever we do to the open source
version of Interclient and apply it to a closed source that is
'differentiated' to the open source version. Perhaps I have misinterpreted
Borlands pages - and they are distributing the Open Source version of
Interclient. They are obviously trying to differentiate to be able to
continue to sell Interbase - which in itself isn't bad. However I would
have some concern if Borland was trying Open Source just to freeload off the
efforts of OS developers.