Subject Interclient 2.0 changes
Author David Jencks
(sorry for the preceding blank message)


Finally after waiting a week for CVS access and many struggles with CVS I
have added an ant build script (in firebird directory) and many changes
that improve DatabaseMetaData calls. (primarily interserver IB_Catalog and
interclient/DatabaseMetaData). At least I think I committed this stuff. If
you can't find it please let me know.

The ant script (build.xml) can be used to build interclient, interserver,
or both. If you haven't tried ant, I strongly recommend it
( You might need to adjust the
directory specifications to make the results end up where you want them.

The changes to interclient/interserver make DatabaseMetaData.getTables work
consistently and make all DatabaseMetaData calls accepting pattern
arguments accept escaped wildcards properly. The changes also radically
simplify the SQL used.

I have been able to try these changes only on RH Linux 7. I don't know
what happens with other platforms. If you can test.. please do so. Note
that the principal changes are in the C++ code.

I am having a big problem with CVS and any help would be appreciated.
After every command it asks for my password, which I enter, and then says

Could not chdir to home directory /home/users/d_jencks: No such file or

I can commit only one file at a time, which I think is related to this
message. My local account name is david, not d_jencks, but I created a
directory /home/users/d_jencks. Does anyone know what is going on?

After I get the CVS problem fixed I would like to add my Ant optional task
that can be used as a database regression tester.

Many thanks
David Jencks