Subject Re: [IB-Java] Win32 Interserver Build
Author Mark O'Donohue
Hi Ken

Ken Richard wrote:

> The changes work. I can now checkout from cvs and compile without tweaking
> files. Do you know if there are any test suites for interclient? Does
> anyone have experience with the jdbc compliance test?

As far as I know the programs in the packages/test directory are it.

If the jdbc compliance test is the test suite at then I have downloaded it but
that's about all. Seriously though Torsten did get it running in a day
or two, and that I think drove some of the changes he made to the code.

Also David Jencks I believe has something that seems like a good basis
for a regression test tool. It does a good workout of the jdbc api

I'd like to be able to run both suites over a build and then put up a
binary download on the firebird sourceforge site sometime in the next
week or so (or three - these things tend to go slowly unfortunately).