Subject Re: client-java driver pretty slow
Author Luca Lafranchi
> 1. The amount of logging is still kind of ridiculous for production
use. I
> am very tempted to use log4j to make the amount of logging configurable
> while running. How much outcry would there be towards adding this

No outcry at all (at least from me ;) ) But remember one thing: if
this driver is to be used in an applet environment it should be fast
downloadable: the more libraries you add, the bigger it becomes, the
slower it will be to download. I don't use it in an applet
environment, but others may want to...

> 2. To solve the "blob access outside of autocommit transaction" problem,
> how about putting each blob access in its own transaction (when
> is happening)? I haven't looked but think this would be pretty easy to
> implement.

Sorry, but I don't know much of driver implementation (shame on me!)...

Good evening to all,