Subject JDBC connections again
Author David Warnock
Hi all,

I want to start using the new client-java. But the applications I need
to start with must be able to switch between Postgresql, SQL Server and
Firebird. This means I have to use "Old style" jdbc connection methods.

We have a good connection pool that has proved stable over many years.

So for a number of reasons I am unable to jump to JCA (even if
intellectually I would like to).

Hence, I need support for old style connections as a migration tool.

I am happy to write code to do this, I am happy to fit in with David's
requirements to not disturb the clean JCA architecture. So I guess I
need 2 things

1. The FBUnmanaged connection to work correctly with autocommit

2. A way of providing a connection so that the following will work.


java.util.Properties connectionProperties =
new java.util.Properties ();
connectionProperties.put ("charSet", "UTF8");
connectionProperties.put ("user", "sysdba");
connectionProperties.put ("password", "masterkey");

con = ( DriverManager.getConnection("url",
connectionProperties) );

Have I understood correctly? Where should I be looking (as an
experienced java coder who has not looked inside any database driver)?