Subject Unmanaged scenario
Author Massimo Ferrari
David, I would like to have a clarification:
in an unmanaged scenario, the ConnectionManager should be provided by the
Resource Adapter.
As far as I understand the JCA specifications, in that scenario the JDBC
driver should behave like a normal JDBC2.0 driver.
But, e.g. the specifications say that a Connection should have as default
autocommit set to false. This is only the case if I get a connection through
the Driver.connect method (which creates an unmanaged connection), but not
the case if I get it through DataSource.getConnection() (which gets a
managed connection from the FBStandAloneConnectionManager).
Wouldn't it be better to get connections (in an unmanaged scenario) only
through the FBStandAloneConnectionManager, which should then allocate just
unmanaged connections?
Or am I completely wrong?
I hope I could explain what I think... :)