Subject Stuck with installing IB6.0/Firebird Beta 2 on Win2K server
Author Cor Hofman
Note: This e-mail was originally posted to the group

A good day to you all,

I have a green field Intel based machine running Win2K server.
I did the following:

1) Installed IB6.0.1 (also tried Firebird beta 2), including the
client part
2) Ran the installation verification Java based tool via the command:
"java -cp interclient.jar;interclient-utils.jar
3) That told me the following:

InterClient Release: 2.0.1 Test Build, Client/Server
InterClient compatible JRE versions: 1.2
InterClient compatible IB versions: 5, 6
InterClient driver name: interbase.interclient.Driver
InterClient JDBC protocol: jdbc:interbase:
InterClient JDBC protocol version: 20001
InterClient expiration date: no expiration date

Testing database URL

***** Error or Exception Occurred *****
java.lang.VerifyError: (class: interbase/interclient/ErrorKey, method: _$372
signature: (Ljava/lang/String;Ljava/lang/String;I)V) Expecting to find
unitialized object on stack
***** Installation problem detected! *****

I encountered this problem before on a Windows ME machine and was not
able to fix it then. But who cares about ME? Seeing the same on Win2K
makes me feel very sad ;-), since I am really stuck this time.

Has anybody ever experienced such a thing? And the inevitable question:
Who knows what is wrong. I am able to reach the database via IBConsole!
The same software runs smoothly under NT 4.0 server.

Many thanks in advance to those who bother to help me on the road :-)


Cor Hofman