Subject Interclient Statement bug & Borland's patch
Hi Folks,

Has anyone successfully installed the Linux version of Borland's IC patch:

Either I'm getting a bad download or something's wrong with the file.
It doesn't gunzip: RH 7.1 claims it's not in gzip format.

Does anyone know if Borland has fixed the memory leak in the Statement
object? This is the bug note from Source Forge's PDF of open IB issues:
memory leak problem in 447462 1472 5 - Medium (next major
There is a showstopping bug in the interclient.jar files that are
distributed with all binaries. it's also in the sources in the cvs.
i hope they can be updated. it results in exhaustive memory usage when
opening statements, then inserting data and then
closing statements. it can result in such memory blow up that interbase
simply stops working and even starts to corrupt the
some code that will let you reproduce the bug:
for(int i=0;i1000;i++)
Statement st=aConn.createStatement();
st.executeUpdate(insert into myTable values
you'll see memory growing on ibserver.exe and it is never freed.
however, there is a very simple solution to this problem. in
excuteUpdate() in there is a variable called
openOnServer_ set to false, but it should be set to true! after i
made this change and recompiled the interclient.jar file everything
works perfectly as expected.