Subject Re: [IB-Java] Build on Windows
Author David Jencks


I was trying to give instructions yesterday on this list on how a jboss
ConnectionManager could be used standalone pooling. I have some problems
with the current state of the jboss ConnectionManagers, however they should
work fine for anything but very high load situations. I'm hoping to find
time to rewrite them, but it is not at the top of my list.

(problems are: (1)if the pool is all checked out with requests blocking,
blocking requests can wait forever, as returned connections can get handed
out to new requests. (2) the pooling code is too complicated and has too
much speculative functionality and too many parameters for the purpose of a
connection pool. It may be great for something else, but it is too hard to
fix problems (see 1) with its current complexity)

Thats enough of mixing the jboss and firebird lists;-)

David Jencks

On 2001.10.27 03:41:45 -0400 Massimo Ferrari wrote:
> I attached the batch files I used to build the driver on windows, hoping
> these batches will be useful for someone other too.
> I slightly modified build.xml to get the javadocs compiled (I couldn't
> compile them with the CVS build.xml):
> i substituted the packages property with:
> <property name="packages" value="org.firebirdsql.*"/>
> and removed 'main' from the sourcepath javadoc's directive
> <javadoc packagenames="${packages}"
> sourcepath="${src.dir}"
> destdir="${build.javadocs.dir}"
> classpath="${classpath}"
> author="true"
> version="true"
> windowtitle="${Name} API"
> doctitle="${Name}"
> extdirs="${src.lib.dir}"
> bottom="Copyright © 2001 David Jencks and other
> authors.
> All rights reserved."
> />
> BTW: I find the type 4 driver a very handy solution, better to maintain
> and
> use than the InterClient driver (although maybe not so performant?).
> Although I use EJBs, I would find very useful to have a standalone
> version
> of the driver, with its own pooling mechanismus, for all the other
> purposes
> that simply do not rely on the J2EE/EJB platform. Until now I used
> JDBC1.0
> or 2.0 drivers, and I still do not understand a lot about JCA ands its
> environment, but I would be glad to contribute (is it a promise? :) )...
> Regars
> Massimo
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