Subject RE: runaway process
Author Mark O'Donohue

Hi Ken

> Date: Wed, 20 Sep 2000 12:07:35 -0400
> From: "Ken Richard" <kenr@...>
> Subject: RE: runaway process
> Here is the "big" memory leak that I found. The cvs at source forge is not
> currently functional, so I will just put the code here. Is there anyone
> "leading" interclient development? What should I do with my fix?

I'll wait till I hear from Torsten, and will negotiate with him about putting
it into the Firebird CVS tree. I guess the Inprise people will also pick it
up, although they seem to be a bit silent at the moment, they do seem to be

Also just a note of thanks, for following it up, being able to trace bugs and
produce fixes like this really shows the advantage of having an open source



> Also - what is the cvs command line parameter to checkout the interclient
> 1.6?

For Firebird,

there are some instructions at:

For anon access:

export CVSROOT

$cvs logon
(When you get prompted for a password - just hit return, the anon password is

Then one of the following:

$cvs -z3 checkout interclient/16 -- to get 1.6.
$cvs -z3 checkout interclient/20 -- to get 2.0.
$cvs -z3 checkout interclient -- to get both.

The only difference to note from the instructions on the web site is that you
don't need to checkout the whole module, and you can specify individual bits as
in "interclient/16". The -z is for compression across the net they recommend
-z3 but I regularly used -z9, I don't know if it makes much difference.

Developer access is similar but you need to have SSH installed first. You
don't need to do the cvs logon either.

$export CVS_RSH=ssh
$export CVSROOT=skywalker@...:/cvsroot/firebird

$cvs checkout interclient/16

Or the way sourceforge use in their documentation, you dont declare CVSROOT and
just use the command line.

$cvs -d skywalker@...:/cvsroot/firebird checkout

The downloads are a bit large about 400K for 1.6 and the same again for 2.0.
These should change at some stage in the future.



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