Subject Thank you.- ^H^H gone.
Author Mark O'Donohue

Thanks Torsten

That REALLY helps, and I agree 3.5 is a fine product, I think a good balance
between simplicity, speed and usefulness. Netbeans in my opinion looks nice, has
some nice features but like visual cafe, is slow. It is open source though so it
may pick up - woof ;-).

I never really gave 3.0 a chance, it was only with 3.5 I had a chance to stick with
it for long enough to pick it up.

> Can you say this funny word again, please? "command line", hm, sounds
> interesting, what is it anyway?
> <g>

I just don't get these visual only "macintosh people", I mean have you ever tried
to type a document using just your mouse. Real programmers need a command shell
and DOS just doesn't cut it. What was that saying,

Real programmers can write fortran programs in any language. ;-)



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