Author Terry Child
Hi All

I know I've mentioned this before but it didn't get resolved: throws an exception when it is called after previously
returning false. All of the other JDBC drivers I've tried return false again,
which I would argue is the right thing to do. If it's not a great deal of work
could someone who knows the source change it to return false?

I'm using a modified version where I just return false in
ResultSet.getNextCursorPosition() instead of throwing the Exception, but I don't
know the code well and this may break something else:

private boolean getNextCursorPosition () throws java.sql.SQLException
// >>> To handle multiple result sets in the future,
// >>> we'll need to detect that the "buffer is exhausted"
// >>> and send FETCH_ROWS for the first next() of the next result set.

if (recvMsg_ == null) return false;
/* throw new InvalidOperationException
(ErrorKey.invalidOperation__read_at_end_of_cursor__); */

The reason I would like this change is that I'm using the open source Castor O/R
mapping tool and would really like to use it with the 'official' version of
interclient, as would alot of other developers. Castor relies on the above
ResultSet behaviour and works with Oracle,Postgres etc. It would seem like a
small change to make to open Interbase up to the Castor community.