Subject The dialect problem (and architecture question)
Author Marc Palmer

I've just joined and scanned the archives quickly.


Is there any usable JDBC driver for IB6 newer than InterClient 1.6?
Specifically, I need to be able to talk to my DIALECT 3 IB6 database for
the ANSI DATE and TIME types (jeez they were 8 years late on those
weren't they?!)

If the answer is no I'm going to be very unhappy – I'll have to abandon


What is the reasoning behind InterServer and it's proxying role? Why
can't we have a Java driver that talks direct to Interbase? It's a pain
having to run yet another server/daemon in addition to Interbase and all
the others we use! (Apache, Jserv, and our own protocols!)

Surely this introduces more of a performance bottleneck / extra latency
that would not occur if the JDBC driver talked direct to IB6. Or is the
solution to this to strap on a new protocol handler to IB6 so that we can
use other "standard" JDBC drivers such as those used for Oracle and MS
SQL? (I've forgotten the name of that "standard").

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