Subject Problem with stored procedures
Hello, I'm using InterClient 1.6 and InterBase 5.6 on the same
machine (Windows 98 SE) and I have a little problem calling one of my
stored procedure:

This procedure's name is IDENTIFICATION, it has 2 input parameters (2
strings char(8)) and one output parameter, an integer. So with this

int resultat = 2;
callableStatement_ = connection_.prepareCall("{call IDENTIFICATION
callableStatement_.setString(1, userId);
callableStatement_.setString(2, userPassword);
resultSet_ = callableStatement_.getResultSet();
while ( {
resultat = resultSet_.getInt(1);

I never come in the while loop, and so I can't get my integer result.
However, I can get the name and the type of the column in the
resultSet. Strange ?

Thanks in advance for help.