Subject reworked IC16 sources available - need help
Author Torsten Welches
Hi all,

I have uploaded a ZIP file with the reworked sources for InterClient
1.6. I chose to put the file into IB-Java's files section since the changes shouldn't go
into the original tree (which of the various trees is that, anyway?
<g>) before applying the test suite on them. For this I need help.
Currently you seem to be the only one who is able to do that,
Shaunak. So if you find the time ... ;-)

The reworked sources compile under JDK1.3 and they compile without
deprecation warnings. I have also added the bug fix from .
Every change is marked with special comments - "Torsten-start 08-11-
2000" and "Torsten-end 08-11-2000" - so it's easy to see what I have

It would be great if somebody is willing to cross-check my changes.

If the changes turn out to be ok we could apply them to IC20 as well.

IMO the sources would profit from further general cleanup, I have
done only things that were needed to get rid of the deprecations yet.


P.S. I hope a ZIP file is not a problem for our non-Windows fellows.
Is it?